Random Facts and Memories

May 22, 2010

I’m putting together a list for my kids one day: Just a few of them on it…

Came out breach with the cord wrapped tightly around my neck.

Third word (behind “mama” and dada”) was “gof”; (golf).

When I was little, I wanted to be a member of the show Bonanza. I even wrote them once; asking them if they’d come to Michigan to do a show from my backyard.

Grew up idolizing Al Kaline. Wore #6 on all my sports teams.

Hit a kid for kicking his dog. Dad found out and scolded me nicely, then he patted me on the back. Said sticking up for what can’t stick up for itself is important, but so is self-control.

Watched Bobby Jones play, and fell in love with golf.

Best childhood round: 77.

Best adult round (to date): 62

Eight or nine at the time: Pushed my brother out of a tree once on accident. He broke his arm. I got scared that Mom would punish me, so I fell out on purpose . Broke my ankle. We told Mom it was an accident. Never told her what really happened, until now..

Hated piano lessons, but now glad that Mom forced me to take them.

Day I got my driver’s license, I got a speeding ticket.

I thought high school was never going to end, but now I really miss those days.

Went to college at Georgia Tech and fell in love with Georgia in the process.

Didn’t realize the ‘intern’ opportunity in Hawaii after graduation was set up by my father. Didn’t know that until a couple years ago.

Perfected my chipping game on the beaches of Hawaii…

Knew I was going to marry my wife five seconds after meeting her…


One Response to “Random Facts and Memories”

  1. Norma said

    I simply love your blog and its so special for your kids !

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