Daughter’s letter

June 8, 2010

Zoe wrote me a letter today. Beautiful letter.

Dear Daddy,

I know you’re always sad, but you don’t want anyone to see it. But even if I don’t see you cry, I know you’re hurting. So hopefully this letter makes you happy and not sadder. It makes me happy that you’re my Daddy. I know my friends say they have the best Dad, but that’s not true because you’re really the best of the best! You make me feel safe even if I’m scared. You tell me you love me, and you give me hugs and kisses every day. I wish Mom was here so that you wouldn’t be so sad. But I love you lots, and I hope you don’t cry at this letter. Because I wrote it so you’d smile. Someday when I am a Mom, I’m going to tell my kids how great their Grandpa is!

Love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo,



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