“Sorry to hear…”

July 27, 2010

The kids and I are back up in Michigan for a week visiting my parents. It’s our first trip back here since my wife died. Every Monday morning, my dad meets a group of guys for coffee at a local restaurant. Some of these men have known me since birth, and through that, they know about Caroline and the kids. I went with him yesterday morning, and I think I heard the sentence starter, “Sorry to hear…” at least 6 or 7 times. Everytime I shook a hand, I was greeted with that opener. And everyone of those times, the opener ended with, “….about your wife.” I honestly wish no one would have even brought it up, because bringing it up was worse than not acknowledging it at all at that point. So I smiled, said thank you, and moved on to the next person with the “Sorry to hear…” opener.


One Response to ““Sorry to hear…””

  1. lamarbar1 said

    It’s hard. People mean well. That is why I have isolated myself. Now when someone says,”How are you doing?,” I say “Tell me about how you are.” This shifts the conversation and allows you to listen to them.

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