Just some thoughts..

October 27, 2010

It’s the feeling you can’t shake. It’s the groggy wee-morning hour nightmare that leaves you praying you’ll roll over and see that everything is ok. Your wife will be there in bed with you. Your world will once again be secure.

Unfortunately, security isn’t there anymore. Emptiness has taken its place.

And you suddenly realize, “this is my life now.” I have to somehow find beauty in the ashes.


2 Responses to “Just some thoughts..”

  1. Jon,
    You and your family were in my thoughts today. I prayed for all of you. I know that nothing right now will make you feel better, but just wanted you to know your in my prayers. May God give you peace and comfort. So sorry. SDS

  2. Hoosier said

    Somehow life will right itself. Until then you know you are all are in my thoughts and prayers.



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