December 13, 2010

I’ve decided when my son comes home from college this next week, we’re going to sit down as a family and talk about sifting through some of Caroline’s clothing. I want to do this as a family. Some of her T-shirts from various functions, her sets of pajamas, and some other things in her drawers; I don’t really know what I should do with them. Some of the items in the closet, I will keep. I suppose they are just clothes. 13 months later, they’re still just clothes. I went into the closet the other day and took a second to smell one of her shirts. The smell’s gone, or at least too faded now. I’ve been weighing this decision for a couple weeks, and I just feel that perhaps it’s time to start. Someone told me about a place where you can take clothes in to have them stitched into a quilt. I might consider that for the kids.


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