Because that’s what dads do..

December 28, 2010

My son and one of his old high school buddies went up to the Falcons game in Atlanta yesterday. They spent the night, and left early this morning. Around 9:00 or so, I got a call from my son. “Dad, how far is it from Savannah to Macon?” Car broke down. Two 19-year-olds stranded on the side of I-16. What’d I do? I did what any father would do I guess. I took off for Macon. Two and a half hours later, car was towed, and I had the boys safely in the front and back seats of my car on my way back home. Why? Because that’s what dads do..


One Response to “Because that’s what dads do..”

  1. Sue said

    Now you know what you needed to do today on your day off. Good Papa.

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